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What petrol should the car be filled up with?

10 December 2014

The second question our clients face after rent of car is fuel. You can fuel your vehicle at special filling stations where you will be offered 91 or 95 grade petrol.

Gasoline of 91 grade is marked in red on the stations, it is real gasoline. It can and should be filled up any motor vehicles: cars, motorbikes, motorcycles, boat motors, etc.

Gazohol (gasolin+alcohol) is a mixture of gasoline and ethanol. There are three types: E10, E20 and E85. The letter E stands for Ethanol, and indicates the percentage of alcohol in the mixture. This alcohol is an ordinary ethyl alcohol obtained by distillation of agriculture products. Thus, the government avoids dependence on exports of oil, stimulates agriculture, and ecology, it is considered to protect it.

There is also B5, it is conventional diesel fuel.

The features of driving regulations.
Good news – you can turn left at a red traffic light, but do not forget to check whether there is any hindrance on the left. Stay away from motorcyclists – in most cases they are the culprits of accident.

Speed limits – 120 km/h on highway, 90 km/h at the exit of locality, 80 km/h in the locality. Thailand has no sidewalks, leave cars only in Parking lots in order to avoid the penalty. Alcohol in the blood shall not exceed 0.5 ppm

In our company the road accident statistics is 0% and the trend continues.
Remember, the rental company must provide you with a full package of auto insurance with maximum coverage. If the accident could not be avoided – necessarily wait for the police, hiding from the place will become a criminal offence. Do not try to solve the problem with bribes, it is punishable by law. Contact the rental company immediately and report the place of accident. If you need medical assistance, please inform the employee of Rental Company.

As you can see, you don’t need anything extraordinary. Compliance with these recommendations is quite enough to avoid any troubles which can spoil your tour.

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