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New rules for obtaining a driver’s license in Thailand

10 December 2014

New rules for obtaining a driver’s license in Thailand will be introduced from 1 June 2014.
According to statement of Land Transport Department in Thailand, the rules for obtaining a driver’s license became stricter. The head of the Department, Mr. Changchai, noted that the decision was made in order to reduce the number of accidents.

According to the new rules, in order to obtain a driver’s license, you will need to attend one lecture within 4 hours. If due to some reasons, driver cannot spend so much time to attend lecture, he or she will have to make one more appointment to listen the lecture in full.

For the drivers who extend their driving license, course of lectures is introduced as well, but with the duration of one hour only. It should be reminded that driving license (license) is issued for a period of five years.

After attending a lecture, you will be required to pass an exam. The rules were slightly revised. While previously exam contained only 30 questions and passing grade was 75% (this is 23 correct answers), now it contains 50 questions with passing grade not less than 90% or 45 correct answers.

Such innovations will meet international driving etiquette for both Thai and foreign motorists. The Department of Chiang Mai province has already started working with educational institutions that will be able to provide auditoriums for conducting lectures according to department’s standards (DLT). Such work is undertaken with the aim to improve teaching process and upgrade qualifications of drivers.

Innovations will bring invaluable benefits: drivers will spend more time on training and written exam as well, which will have a positive impact on their behavior on the roads – they will behave more responsibly and seriously, the Head of Department Mr. Changchai emphasized.

When getting into a car, any driver hopes that the upcoming trip will be safe and pleasant, but not many people notice that the security is in their hands only. In this article we’ll provide you a few tips on how to make the trip in a car safe.

Condition of tires.
Before starting any trip, check the condition of tires. Check not only the external condition of the tread, but tire pressure as well. Pay attention to mechanical damage too.
Checking the condition of tires is a very important point that may possibly save life, so do not underestimate this point.

Always try to put on shoes which are convenient and have a flat sole. In shoes which don’t allow to fit accelerator pedal fully, it is problematic to feel driving force, hence mistakes may happen on road. Please avoid slippers or flip flops, such beach shoes are extremely dangerous at the time of driving.

When getting into a car, try to get rid of distractions. It may well be a talkative companion, cell phone. Try not to reflect much at the wheel in order not to miss vertical signs and road markings.

Carefully selected route.
During the rush hours you can fast and comfortably get your destination only if you select a good route. In the intensive traffic it is better to pave the way through the streets, which are not loaded by vehicles.

Walk-around inspection of car.
You can protect the car from damages if you make basic inspection. When you get behind the wheel try to pay attention not only to the condition of tyres, but also presence of objects that could damage the vehicle. Please also watch out for animals that can hide from the heat under the car.

Overall condition of car.
If your car is faulty then pleasant and safe trip is out of the question. If brake system seems faulty or wheel leads to the side then please immediately contact our company so that we could check condition of vehicle.

We wish you good and quiet roads!

In Thailand traffic is left-hand. It is necessary to remember that at the subconscious level.
One has only to relax for a second as the Russian traffic rules will immediately take over and you will be surprised to find yourself on the wrong side towards continuous stream of cars and motorcycles.

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