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Features of renting a car in Thailand

10 December 2014

Thailand is a country with beautiful sea and a pleasant climate, which are better suited for a vacation. If you prefer an active holiday, want to travel around the country and see the sights, then you will probably need a car. Let’s consider the specifics of car rental and other important details.

Car Rental is a very popular service in Thailand.
There are many different agencies and this service is so popular that similar advertisements can be found everywhere. Choose those renters who can communicate with you in your native language and have good feedback, as fraud in this field is not uncommon. It is the reason you do not forget to inspect vehicles for damage, whether scratches or dents, if any, the fact of damages is to be fixed.

What documents are needed for registration of the rental agreement.
Car Rental in Thailand requires the following documents: passport, driver’s license of group B – note that they must be international.
Currently, in Thailand insurance companies require changes in legislation that would restrict the use of national driving licenses (NDL) when renting a car. Nobody knows whether it will take place in the near future. In our turn, we encourage our future clients to take care of obtaining international driving permits (IDP), all the more that it is not difficult and quite fast.

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