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What petrol should the car be filled up with?


The second question our clients face after rent of car is fuel. You can fuel your vehicle at special filling stations where you will be offered 91 or 95 grade petrol. Gasoline of 91 grade is marked in red on the stations, it is real gasoline. It can and should […]

Features of renting a car in Thailand


Thailand is a country with beautiful sea and a pleasant climate, which are better suited for a vacation. If you prefer an active holiday, want to travel around the country and see the sights, then you will probably need a car. Let’s consider the specifics of car rental and other […]

Traffic in Thailand. What is important to know.


  In Thailand traffic is left-hand. It is necessary to remember that at the subconscious level. One has only to relax for a second as the Russian traffic rules will immediately take over and you will be surprised to find yourself on the wrong side towards continuous stream of cars […]

New rules for obtaining a driver’s license in Thailand


New rules for obtaining a driver’s license in Thailand will be introduced from 1 June 2014. According to statement of Land Transport Department in Thailand, the rules for obtaining a driver’s license became stricter. The head of the Department, Mr. Changchai, noted that the decision was made in order to […]