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Nissan Almera

Minimum rental period is 3 days

1,2 L Gazahol 91, Automatic , Aircon, CD/Mp3, AUX, USB, Dark Velvet, Toning.


 day – 800 THB ,  week-5 000 THB , month-12 000 THB

Nissan March

Minimum rental period is 3 days

1,2 L Gazahol 91, Automatic , Aircon, CD/Mp3, AUX, USB, Dark Velvet, Toning

белый марч 1

 day – 700 THB ,  week 4 500 THB ,  month-11 000 THB

Toyota Avanza  7 seats

Minimum rental period is 3 days

1,5 L Gazahol 91, Automatic , Aircon, CD/Mp3, AUX, USB, Dark Velvet, Toning


1-3 days – 1 500 THB , week – 8 000 THB, month-13 000 THB

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

Minimum rental period is 3 days

2,5 Turbo diesel, 7 passenger, Automatic, ABC, 2 Air Bag, Aircon, CD/DVD/VMA/MP3, Screen, Navigator, Rear view camera, Black Leather, Toning


1-3 days – 2 000-THB , week – 10 000 THB, month-28 000 THB

Toyota Camry Hybrid

Minimum rental period is 3 days

2,5 L Ggazahol 91, Automatic, ABC, 2 Air Bag, CD/DVD/VMA/MP3, Screen,Hybrid , White Leather


1-3 days – 1 800- THB , week – 10 000 THB , month-25 000 THB.

Toyota Vigo Smart Cab


Minimum rental period is 3 days

2,5 L Deasel ,Manual , Aircon, CD/Mp3, AUX, USB, Dark Velvet, Toning


1-3 days – 1 500 THB ,  week- 12 000THB, a month-25 000 THB

Toyota Vios (New)

Minimum rental period is 3 days

1,5 L Gazahol 91, Automatic , Aircon, CD/Mp3, AUX, USB, Dark Velvet, Toning.



1-3 days 1 1000 THB ,week-7 000 THB, month- 13 000 THB

About Us

Dear clients! We are glad to welcome you to our website; we operate in the car rental market in Chiang Mai under the "Lanna Sky" brand and since 2012 we have provided a high quality service for short and long term car rental, with or without drivers. Our work is based on an international level of service and personal approach to every client. We do not stand still and strive to improve our service to you every day. We, at "Lanna Skу", will always work to find the best solution for your safety, convenience and comfort. You can quickly and easily reserve a rental car directly on our website, or contact us by phone, and within a short time the car will be delivered to your address. Renting a car with us is very easy, all you will need is to pay the car rental fee, make the deposit, produce your driving license and a provide copy of your passport. After you have signed the rental contract you can start using your car and we are confident that you will be pleasantly surprised by its condition as all of our cars as are maintained to the highest standards.

Our Company attaches great importance to the numbers of happy Clients as it is our way to success

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Some of the most useful items are often overlooked by other rental companies such as a mobile phone holder, a usb charger, a map of northern Thailand, a cable to connect your mobile phone to the audio system, paper napkins, first-aid kit and a selection of music for every taste. These items are included as standard when you rent one of our cars, as we want your time in Chiang Mai to be spent enjoying the sights, not shopping around for the little necessities.

Rental conditions

If you are going to book a car remotely prior to arrival in Thailand

  1. Payment for reservation in advance is 20% of the total cost of rental car. Car rent booking guarantees the car on the date and time specified in the reservation form.
  2. Payment for car rent booking is effected by Renter as per account of PayPal payment system within 24 hours before the car-hire date. If the company does not receive payment within the period of 24 hours then booking is cancelled, and the client receives notification about cancellation by e-mail.
  3. In case of cancellation of paid reservation, Renter should notify the company in any way possible but not later than 24 hours before the date of hire. Otherwise, there are no refunds. Booking payment is refunded to Renter in the same way it was effected and within a period from 3 to 7 working days. Commission for the refund of money is paid by Renter.

If you are already in Thailand and ready to rent a car today

  1. The basic rental cost is specified for a period of one day (24 hours). In case of exceeding of the rent term, the Renter shall pay 200 Thai Baht per each hour of extra time.
  2. Payment for the car-hire shall be paid in full amount after the signing of rental agreement and is not subject to refund.
  3. In rare cases, with the prior consent of the Renter and before the start of the rental, the company may replace for vehicle of similar price and options.
  4. The Renter must be at least 21 years old, have a driving license of national or international standard and the experience of driving not less than one year.
  5. The Renter is obliged to make a refundable security deposit of 10,000 (ten thousand) Thai Baht or the equivalent in another currency. Return of the deposit is made at the time of return of car after hire.
  6. Prices for rental cars INCLUDE insurance with the use of unconditional franchise deductible; The deductible is applied in case of damage or accident caused by Renter or a third party. In case of an accident caused by the Renter or when the perpetrator is not identified the Renter shall compensate the damage within the amount of franchise up to 10000 (ten thousand) of Thai Baht maximum. Also deductible means compensation in case of damage of glass, tyres and in case of car theft. When an insured event occurs caused by Renter or when the perpetrator is not identified and calling the representative of the insurance company to the place of accident, the Renter shall pay the company the unconditional deductible in the amount of 3000 (three thousand) Thai Baht.
  7. In case of purchase of additional “LDW Insurance+” option, the Renter shall be exempt from the payment of franchise. Any damage to the vehicle shall not require the Renter to make additional expenses or indemnities. The LDW insurance+ takes effect only from the moment of recorded damage and calling the insurance agent to the place if accident. Damages caused to car without the fixed report of Insurance agent is not considered as an insured event and is not covered by LDW+. “LDW insurance+”, as well as any other insurance, will not work if the driver was driving in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication; gross violation of traffic rules; insurance will not act when refusing medical examination.
  8. Fuel level by return of car after hire should correspond to the level on the car-hire start day
  9. The Renter may not use the rental car for committing illegal actions. It is prohibited to send car for repair without agreement with the company providing car rental. If any malfunction occurs, the Renter must inform the company immediately.
  10. The Renter must take good care of rental car.
  11. There are no restrictions on mileage on rented car.
  12. It is forbidden to smoke and to carry pets in the car. In case of violation, a fine amounted 5,000 (five thousand) Thai Baht is applied.
  13. In case of loss of ignition key a fine amounted 3000 (three thousand) Thai Baht is applied.



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All the cars are new and arrive in excellent condition.


Delivery of car in a convenient location within the city, 7 km, free test drive is possible before the signing of contract.


Rent a car for 7 days or more you get 1 day free.


Full insurance.

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